Life is too noisy! Sometimes it feels like there’s not much you can do about it. Other times you’re so used to the clamor that you don’t even notice it. Either way, you’ll enjoy a volume reduction with these few tips.


Acute auditory awareness has been part of my life since childhood. How about you? It’s not a bad thing! Did you know there are benefits to being extra sensitive to sound — and other sensory stimuli?

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If this resonates, you might just be a Highly Sensitive Person. Feel free to check out my article on HSP’s, and you’ll find that you’re in good company!

Sensitivity scales aside, excess noise takes a toll on your quality of life — whether you notice it or not. I hope you receive this article an invitation to awareness. ✉️😊

Let’s begin evaluating the noise level where you live. Would you consider your neighborhood to be urban or rural?



1. City Life, Country Life and Earplugs

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City life versus country life. There are advantages to both. But when it comes to tallying sounds that sooth over noise that annoys (“a-noise” 🤣), the countryside sports greener pastures. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take crickets chirping over sirens any night.

Here are a few tips on how to bring some country quiet into your too-noisy city life:

  • Plant more trees. Seriously! Believe it or not, trees aren’t just beautiful air-purifiers. They actually muffle the clang of industry. According to Anna Nordseth, plants help reduce traffic noise by “absorbing, deflecting or masking sound waves.” ❤️🌳
  • Ban leaf-blowers. 😆 Haha! Okay, just kidding. But honestly, what do these abominations really do, anyway? It’s not like they vacuum the leaves. That would be useful. They just move them around. I do not get it. Maybe talk to your HOA?
  • Take a package of earplugs with you wherever you go. I do this, and they came in handy at the coffee shop today. The music was rattling my concentration, and I wanted to do some journaling. I reached in my bag and soon the irritating honky tonk tunes were a distant memory. I highly recommend experimenting with different brands of plugs until you find the one that best suits your ears. After much trial and error, mine have settled on CVS’s florescent orange squishies (click the image below) —

When Life is Too Noisy, Consider these CVS Orange Earplugs to Lower the Volume

2. Move Technology to the Back Seat

Cellphone Dropped in the Car Back Seat -- where it should be -- photo credit Shutterstock

I’m not anti-technology, but I don’t think it’s always a positive. Consider the benefits of minimizing the noise effect in your life — both audibly and mentally. To de-clutter, you might want to:

  • Turn off unnecessary notifications on your cell phone. Be selective. How connected do you really need to be? For example, social media access doesn’t need to be in your hand 24-7. Smartphones can often make for dumb people. 😳 Minimize the ebb and flow of culture’s influence on your psyche.
  • Take a walk, not a run. Walking is a great way to meet with nature — especially if your stroll is device-free. Surrounded by trees and connected to the earth (as your feet plod the path) you’ll start to feel more grounded. Breath and movement fall into a rhythm. It’s a perfect time to lift your gaze, allowing for introspection and even prayer. What a perfect moment to commune with the Creator of it all.
  • Try driving without music or chatter. Use this time for thought and prayer. You might even find you’re a safer driver. 😊
  • Don’t allow television or talk radio to saturate your home life. Background noise, such as soft jazz music, can create a pleasant ambience for conversation. On the other hand, TV and lively political debate, not so much.



Life is too Noisy When There’s No Time for God

There are many distractions in our world. And, what really matters anyway? I wager you that listening to the Voice of your Creator has far more value than that of your favorite Instagram Influencer.

God speaks, more often than not, in a still small Voice. How tragic to miss His true perspective amidst the cacophony of empty noise.

Try spending a few minutes at the dawn of your day, meditating on your bed — perhaps upon a Bible passage or Psalm. Then, leave space for God to speak. This composure now can really shape your attitude — and consequently words and actions — before you meet the unformed moments ahead.

And this is your life, my friend. A grand collection of moments. May you live them well and mindfully, measuring and choosing the noise you welcome with discretion and intention.



I’ve been sensitive to sound ever since I can remember. When stress is accompanied by noise, it’s more disorienting. Sometimes I can’t even think straight.

In contrast, when wrapped in silence and the quiet of a dark room, I find calm and connection with God.

What about you? I’d love to hear your comments in the space below this article.

Wishing you the blessing of peace and quiet, Ali. 🤫🙂

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