Are you hungry for the deeper things of life? Then chances are you won’t find the answers on Twitter or Facebook. What you need is a good read, because the best books for spirituality can’t be shrunk into tweets or taglines.

Books. Many people have lost the taste for paper these digital days. In the shadow of glowing blue screens, turning pages seems a distant memory. But if spiritual growth is what you’re after, nothing can replace the wisdom found between two covers.



Whether you prefer fiction or non-fiction, reading engages your mind and imagination. Losing yourself in pages of print also sharpens mental acuity.

And though many modern novels are mere fluff, you can still find tomes of truth. You just might need to dig a little deeper. And truth, dear reader, is always relevant.

If you want to navigate life’s treacherous terrain, there’s no better place to start than with a good book. The best books for spirituality are usually those with history. You know — “If it’s true, it’s not new. If it’s new, it’s not true.”

Are you a truth seeker? Then this carefully curated book list might be just what you’re looking for.



Best Books for Spirituality - stacks of books with colorful spines

In the past decade I’ve read a handful of exceptional books. Somehow, all of them touched on spirituality, in one way or another. It seems I’ve developed an appetite for the larger questions of life, human experience and Divinity.

So here’s a brief list of literary essentials. In the classroom of life, these are required reading. Exceptional men and women, throughout the centuries, have written truth that begs to be heard. They’ve shared their experiences, hardships, failures and victories — all in ink on paper. The wisdom found here is priceless.



Instead of thumbing though the latest trashy novel, why not pick something of substance?

Wisdom from these books is just a click away. Pick a title that intrigues you. The corresponding link provides a brief synopsis. If this ticks your boxes, purchase is available through Amazon. Alternately, if the summary suffices, simply enjoy these spiritual riches free of charge:


book cover One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp - a girl's hands holding a nest sheltering eggs1. ONE THOUSAND GIFTS, by Ann Voskamp.




book cover for Anonymous - Jesus Hidden Years and Yours, by Alicia Britt Chole2. ANONYMOUS: JESUS’ HIDDEN YEARS … AND YOURS, by Alicia Britt Chole.




book cover These Strange Ashes, by Elisabeth Elliot3. THESE STRANGE ASHES, by Elisabeth Elliot.





book cover of The Practice of the Presence of God, by Brother Lawrence - inside a monestary walkway4. THE PRACTICE OF THE PRESENCE OF GOD, by Brother Lawrence.





the cover of the book Humility, by Andrew Murray - a white bowl of water placed on the floor5. HUMILITY, by Andrew Murray.





Cover photo of the book "Experiencing God" by Henry Blackaby6. EXPERIENCING GOD, by Henry Blackaby.





Cover of the Spiritual Disciplines Handbook by Adele Calhoun7. THE SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES HANDBOOK, by Adele Ahlberg Calhoun.




book cover Abide in Christ, by Andrew Murray - a grape vine8. ABIDE IN CHRIST, by Andrew Murray.





book cover of Becoming a Woman Whose God is Enough, by Cynthia Heald9. BECOMING A WOMAN WHOSE GOD IS ENOUGH, by Cynthia Heald.




Enjoy these reviews. Whichever book you pick, you’ll be blessed and challenged.

Happy reading! — Ali 🙂