Nothing says I love you like a hug. The sense of touch is powerful and personal. It connects you to people, animals, and your environment.

two young girls hugging with big smiles outdoors

Touch is part of the mundane — typing on your keyboard, driving your car. But it’s also something to be savored. When is the last time you:

  • Petted a cat and felt the rumble of his purr.
  • Burned off the evening chill by the glow of a campfire.
  • Waded into the ocean and felt the prickly shells under your feet, the shock of cool water lapping at your toes.
  • Or, simply stepped into the shower — and actually noticed the hundreds of droplets hitting your skin, running down your body.



Touch is a sensation, and possibly the one of which you’re least aware.

Because — unlike smell, sight, taste or hearing — you can’t “turn off” the sense of touch. As a result, you can become less aware, on a tactile level. What’s common is forgotten. You handle things without noticing, without really feeling.

If you’re like me, you’re often distracted with other thoughts too — so much so that you forget to grip the object in your hand.

Ah, yes. I drop things a lot. We all need to practice sensory mindfulness. It’s wholesome. Grounding. Even comforting. And it helps with the physical clumsiness. ?

The study of touch is in itself quite fascinating. If you’re interested in deeper exploration, I highly recommend this Headspace article on the science of touch.



This page (and its associated links) is all about the experience and exploration of touch. So, welcome — I wish I could give you a hug! ?

Take a peek at these personally vetted offerings below. Each product delighted my sense of touch, and I am eager to share these findings. Expect this list to grow over time.




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