Nothing says I love you like a hug.

two young girls hugging with big smiles outdoors

Touch is powerful and personal. It connects you to people, animals, and your environment.

  • Pet a cat and feel the rumble of his purr.
  • Burn off the evening chill by the glow of a campfire.
  • Wade into the ocean and feel the prickly shells under your feet, the shock of cool water lapping at your toes.
  • Or simply step into the shower. Only this time pay attention to the hundreds of droplets hitting your skin, running down your body.



Touch is a sensation, and possibly the one of which you’re least aware.

Because — unlike smell, sight, taste or hearing — you can’t “turn off” the sense of touch. As a result, you can become less aware, on a tactile level. What’s common is forgotten. You handle things without noticing, without really feeling.

If you’re like me, you’re often distracted with other thoughts too — so much so that you forget to grip the object in your hand.

Ah, yes. I drop things a lot. We all need to practice sensory mindfulness. It’s wholesome. Grounding. Even comforting. And it helps with the physical clumsiness. 😉

The study of touch is in itself quite fascinating. If you’re interested in deeper exploration, I highly recommend this Headspace article on the science of touch.



This page (and its associated links) is all about the experience and exploration of touch. So, welcome — I wish I could give you a hug! 🤗

Take a peek at these personally vetted offerings below. Each product delighted my sense of touch, and I am eager to share these findings. Expect this list to grow over time.



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