What are the most comfortable sheets, you ask? Or, perhaps you aren’t asking and wonder why you should be? Because soothing your senses before bed (and while in it!) promotes sound sleeping.

Who doesn’t crave a good night’s sleep? A simple pre-Zzzz’s routine — with special focus on the sense of touch — can really make a difference.

And, what touches you when you’re sleeping? Bed sheets!! Namely, the softest, coziest ones out there — or pretty close. After all, you wouldn’t want the price to keep you up at night. ?



A good night's sleep begins with the most comfortable sheets - woman's arm and leg are all that's seen from under ample fluffy bedding -Photo by Ava Sol - Unsplash

Yes it can!

If you’re a sensitive sleeper (such as myself) this is great news. By gently refocusing attention on your senses, you’ve entered the realm of mindfulness. Restful sleep is within reach.

With regards to this practice, in The Ultimate Guide to Mindfulness for Sleep, behavioral sleep expert Jared Minkel states:

Consistency is key. Mindfulness for sleep is even more effective when practiced regularly. You can always focus on your breathing, but it may also be helpful to focus on a physical sensation like how warm and soft your blankets feel.

Incidentally, how soft is your bedding?



The Princess and th Pea - girl sits on many mattresses and bedding stacked high - to ease the irritation caused by that lumpy peaIf you’re anything like me, the “Princess and the Pea” isn’t just a silly fairy tale. It’s reality!

Vexed by that pebble in your shoe or the pea under your mattress? Okay, maybe there’s no pea, but what about the tiny grains of sand in your bed sheets?

These things drive me bonkers! Irritants must go — and this includes scratchy linens. I’ve chaffed my knees and elbows many a night, while sleeping on cheap sheets. Seriously! There’s no excuse for this. ?



What follows, dear reader, are my favorite linens. This is no second-hand knowledge. I slip into these every night.

Will you find anything softer? Fractionally. But again, the price will cost you a few  winks.

So without further adieu, the most comfortable bed sheets I’ve found (given our parameters) are:

the most comfortable sheets I've found - Wamsutta's Dream Zone sheets! 625 thread count - in white
(click this picture to visit Amazon)

Soft. Check.

Washes well. Check.

Durable. Check.

Cool cotton. Check.

And the price? Somewhere between cheap and outrageous.

Although $124.99 may be more than you’ve spent for bedding in the past, any significant drop below this thread count and you’re skimping on softness.

Incidentally, Wamsutta does carry a 500 thread count set, which is sufficient, but I wouldn’t go lower. Remember the noble quest: to pamper your skin with delicious softness, enhance sleep, and thereby fuel your zeal to make the world a better place. ??



When it comes to sounder sleep, soothing your sense of touch with quality bedding is just part of the equation. Mindfulness embraces all your senses.

It’s time to craft your nightly ritual — one that’s pleasurable, sleep-enhancing, and targets these sensations:

  1. Touch
  2. Taste
  3. Sight
  4. Smell
  5. Sound




1. Give yourself time to unwind.

I know — it’s so tempting to stay on the smart phone until you crawl into bed. In fact, even while in bed. This is tough, but you’ve got to give yourself at least a half hour (preferably an hour) without the cold blue glow.

Fake light of any kind messes with you, so don’t trust the “blue light filter” either. If you really want to sleep well, you must unwind — sans devices — before disappearing between the sheets.


2. Spray some natural essential oils lightly around the bedroom. (smell)

Here’s a helpful hint  — if you share a bedroom, ask your spouse if he likes the scent before you spray it. ?

Now that you’re not in the dog house, it’s time to pick your fragrance.

Without a doubt, my favorite is lavender. Its soothing aroma delights and relaxes. Similarly, forest blends are excellent catalysts for relaxing sleep.

Intrigued? Check out some of my favorite scents and discover yours at The Best Essential Oils for Aromatherapy.


3. Allow your mind to disengage while you gaze at something beautiful. (sight)

For instance, this could be flipping through a magazine filled with colorful photos of your favorite things.

Or, if you’ve got the time, watch a video excerpt that promises to nourish your sense of sight — without stimulating the nervous system or burdening the mind.

Without a doubt, the first fifteen minutes of the internationally acclaimed film Baraka calms and settles me every time.


4. Listen to the music of nature. (sound)

You and I were made for the outdoors. It’s our true home. Accordingly, the sound of rain, the ocean waves, crickets chirping  — all these create a relaxing ambience for sleep. There are many such free recordings available on YouTube.

Furthermore, if you struggle with anxious thoughts, try this link to Jason Lewis’ low alpha isochronic tones. His brain-soothing music is backed by science.


5. Breathe. (touch)

Connecting with your breath goes beyond the simple sensation of touch.

Initially, you feel the breath as it enters your lungs. Your belly expands on the inhale and drops on the exhale.

Moreover, the act of slowing and focusing on your breath draws you into the present moment. Worries for the future and regrets from the past fade away in the eternal present.

When you find your mind wandering, gently direct those wayward thoughts back to the breath. (Discover more mindfulness breathing techniques by clicking here).



Because you deserve a good night’s rest. Nice sheets help.

What’s more, you spend about a third of your life sleeping!

It stands to reason that, if you’re willing to budget for clothing — in which you spend the other two-thirds of your life — maybe it’s time to invest in a comfy cocoon. ?❤️

After all, bed sheets aren’t just for sleeping …

what are the most comfortable sheets for playing with your kiddos in the bed - Wamsutta Dream Zone - Mom and daughter snuggling in white bed sheets

… they’re for living, playing, dreaming and loving!

Therefore, take my advice and make your nightly mindfulness ritual extra blissful. Get yourself some quality sheets with a high thread count.

With this added pampering, at day’s end you just might find yourself nodding off — without so much as a thought. ??


Happy sleeps! I hope you’ve enjoyed this article. As always, I welcome your comments and questions below.

Nighty night.? — Ali ?


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