The sense of taste. The euphoria of rich chocolate melting on your tongue, enlivened by the occasional hint of sea salt. Oh my!

young woman taking a big happy bite of chocolate cake

I love food and I hope you do too! ?

Imagine dining on quality chocolate, gourmet ice cream, lobster, or even the unusual Shabu Shabu.

And, love me a humble plate of mashed potatoes (with lots of butter) and my tummy finishes warm and smiling! Things don’t need to be fancy to be flavorful.



Your taste experience is closely linked with the sense of smell. These two almost can’t exist exclusive of each other.

When was the last time you were sick and your nose was so clogged that you couldn’t smell or taste anything? Boy, eating is dreary business when there’s no flavor.

Like the other senses, choosing to pay attention to flavors while eating really heightens present moment awareness.



This — being in, and savoring the moment — is what makes the practice of mindfulness . It’s all about exploring the NOW — with an attitude of curiosity and kindness.

According to scientific research, there are five taste categories. These are:

  • Sweet
  • Sour
  • Salty
  • Bitter
  • Savory (also called Umami)


What a cornucopia of delights!

Do you favor one particular taste modality?

Do you have an aversion to another?

It’s fun to mix up your meals, contrasting the different tastes.



Your Sense of Taste - spoons of spices - photo by Karolina Grabowska - Pexels

There’s so much involved in eating! What a pleasure that God saw fit to create not merely taste categories, but millions of different flavors too!

And then, consider the different climates, cultures and cuisines that mesh perfectly, creating unique and distinctive regional flavors.

What would Mexican food be without chillies and cilantro, or Indian cuisine without turmeric, curry and cardamom?



Get ready to enhance your dining experience, feel more satisfied, and improve your digestive health! Bring one (or all) of these little adjustments to the table:

  1. Eat without multitasking. Gasp! You know, put the smartphone away and actually notice what you’re eating.
  2. Allow enough time in your schedule to enjoy a meal rather than eating on the run.
  3. Sit down while you are eating.
  4. Slow down! This is something I am personally working on. I eat way faster now than I did a few years ago. I’ve also gained some unwanted weight, which makes me think there’s a link. Breathe, eat, savor. Take care of your body. Nourish and enjoy.



Your taste buds’ greatest adventures await!

Check back here every couple weeks for new articles exploring the mindful enjoyment of food.

Prepare to nourish your taste buds! Delightful, flavor-filled, personally-approved treats are gathering below.



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