Do you see on autopilot? All of us do. Your sense of sight is essential for daily living, and who has the energy to notice every detail all the time?

But what if you were to re-experience the wonder of sight?

In so doing, you’ll discover an endless source of relaxation — even joy.



the human eye - the sense of sight - blue eye with rainbow light streaking across it

What you see has a great effect on your mood — not to mention your thought direction. The Bible calls your eye “the lamp of the body” (Luke 11:34). In other words, if you’re looking at dark deeds and thinking they’re light, beware! Your whole mind will be filled with darkness. Take care what you watch.

On the positive side, your sense of sight presents wonderful opportunities for happier living. Why, simply seeing certain colors can boost your mood! The science of color psychology is a real thing.

And visual awareness goes far beyond color.

Are you ready to see in a new way? Then let’s try a sight experiment!



taking time to nurture your sense of sight - sun setting on a mountain meadow

Perspective — in life and visual acuity — is all about re-framing things. You’ve seen something from a certain viewpoint, but now change the focus.

Try adjusting the way you see … for five minutes, as follows.

Begin to notice your surroundings (like a mountain meadow or a crackling campfire), and pay attention to the following details:

  • textures (natural or man-made)
  • patterns
  • colors
  • transparency / opacity
  • the play of shadows and light
  • reflections
  • movement (subtle or speedy)

And, remember to breathe while doing this exercise! This will help deepen your concentration.



Any time you engage fully with one of your five senses you’ll feel the pleasant effects of grounding. Rooting firmly in the present moment helps dissolve mental and physical anxiety. Welcome to the simple practice of mindfulness.

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