Your sense of sound — the gift of hearing.

You use it to communicate, avoid danger, and enjoy the pure bliss of music.

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Similar to the sense of sight, you can hear on auto-pilot. But hearing isn’t the same as listening. Listening involves paying attention to the sounds around you, and noticing them with a childlike curiosity.

Whether these sounds are words, musical notes or crashing waves, they beckon with the invitation to dive deep into this present moment.



There will never be another exactly like it. This is particularly true for natural environments where it’s likely that the combination of sounds you hear in this instant will never be repeated.

How’s that for exquisite? Those babbling river notes, the playful twitters and scolding of birds, the nuanced crunching of the pine needles and the hollow thud of fertile earth beneath your feet — these sounds will never again combine exactly as they do at this moment.



Take some time to mindfully connect with your surroundings as you read this.

Pause, close your eyes, inhale, exhale completely, exhale deeply.

What do you hear? Try not to label things as objects like “that’s the fridge” or “I hear the humming of the air conditioner”. Don’t label, just notice. Consider the following:

  • Are the sounds rhythmic or flowing?
  • Do they overlap or blend to create entirely new sounds?
  • If it’s possible, note the sound of silence. How would you describe it?
  • Do any of the noises you hear evoke an emotion? A memory?



This is just the beginning. The world of sound offers a rich and varied landscape waiting to be explored. A healthy curiosity and a willingness to set aside time is all that’s required for this adventure in aural mindfulness.

I’m excited to share with you the journey I’ve been on, through nurturing my sense of hearing. Whether it’s the mewing of my cat, the dripping of the faucet, or the shattering decibels of those confounded leaf blowers … all these are part of my daily aural experience. Some, more pleasurable than others. 😉

My desire here is to provide sources of sound that offer relaxation, stress relief and delight, as well as a greater dimension of sensory awareness. Check back soon, as I continue blogging about simple products and special opportunities to explore and nurture your sense of hearing.



a woman relaxes with eyes closed, listening to music1. A free online resource — music woven with low alpha isochronic tones, expertly composed to ease feelings of anxiety.


young girl closes her eyes and listens with a large seashell to her ear2. Simple tips to improve your listening skills — when what you’re hearing is human conversation. 😉